nail experiments part 2

I' ll continue my post with some new nail experiments I hope you would like them!

Θα συνεχίσω το post μου με νέα nail experiments ελπίζω να σας αρέσουν!
orange nail polish with 3d watermelon design and yellow strass
half plum half peackocy nail polish with black flower dot and lilac strass
From left 1) black nail polish with golden glitter and golden strass 2) pink OPI polish with white flowers(konad) and silver strass 3) orange nail polish with golden glitter with yellow, pink, and blue star with strass
french manicure with 3d nail designs and teal stars

From left 1) french manicure with golden glitter 2) french manicure with lilac strass and 3d flower 3) french manicure with 3d nail design and yellow stars

From left 1) peackocy nail polish with konal nail design and pink, green and yellow strass 2) red nail polish with with and black flower design

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